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VIP Plugin is a Counter-Strike 1.6 (CS 1.6) plugin for servers that run on amxmodx.
The plugin offers privileges to the desired users. Some of those privileges are:

  • Free nades every round
  • Free full armor (helmet+vest)
  • 500$ per normal kill and 800$ per headshot kill
  • 15 HP per normal kill and 30 HP per headshot kill
  • Bullet damage that allows you to see the damage dealt to the enemy
  • Privilege to buy Sniper (AWP)
  • Access to the admin chat
  • Slot reservation
  • Special weapon menu with different packs (Free M4A1 with Deagle and HE or Free AK-47 with Deagle and HE)

VIP Plugin is fully customizable. You can download the compiled version and use as it is or you can modify and make different features.

The VIP Plugin comes with default cvars. Below you can find a list with those:

  • bullet_damage 0/1
  • amx_vip_hp 15
  • amx_vip_hp_hs 30
  • amx_vip_max_hp 100
  • money_per_damag 3
  • money_kill_bonus 300
  • money_hs_bonus 100
  • menu_Active 1
  • awp_active 1

In order to install this plugin you must first of all download it. The files can be found at the following link: https://cs16.biz/download/VIP.rar

Now you should copy “vip.txt” in addons/amxmodx/data/lang and “VIP.amxx” to addons/amxmodx/plugins. The last step is to open the “plugins.ini” file located at addons/amxmodx/configs and add on a empty line “VIP.amxx”.